ABOUT ME | Kunibert Franiek

Art is the ambassador of the inexpressible.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Portrait | Malerei halb abstrakt | Atelier Franiek | Gemälde und Kunst

Art exposes. It‘s this thought that carries my work. Making visible the invisible, bringing forth the forgotten, into the real world from the realm of imagination…

What prevails through it all is the interplay of materials, the joyful experience of examining them.

Often, discoveries, rudiments, fragments of experiences and sediments flow into my paintings. Legacies from life, travel, reading, conversations and eventful encounters, woven together.

That‘s how realms of perception come about in which technique and aspects of reality overlap.

Atmospheric density, that‘s what it‘s about. It‘s also about stillness, fragrance, about colour tones and meditation.

I want the beholder‘s thoughts to dive in. Perceiving my paintings should be a never-ending process.

The beholder, drawing from their own experiences, should forever expand the paintings in their thoughts.

Paintings that look for traces, that show signs.

Paintings showing the surface, arising from profundity.